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At VIVA iMED Center, you are a Very Important Patient

Featuring individualized Integrative Medical and Wellness Programs: transforming your life and addressing your individual needs, with a proven record of treating most medical conditions and getting results!

Integrative Medicine is based on an empowering physician-patient partnership that incorporates the best in conventional medicine and comprehensive integrative care.

At VIVA iMED Center where you are a Very Important Patient, we work with you as a partner, listening to your needs, addressing the whole person including your medical issues and optimizing all aspects of your health and wellness.

Wellness Program

VIP iMED LONGEVITY With this Wellness Program, we enhance and optimize physiologic functions at the cellular level, where you are at your optimal potential and peak performance, fully engaging in and enjoying life.

Weight Loss

You can see an experienced, board certified physician who is able to factor in your other medical problems. Many see improvements in diabetes, hypertension, and other weight related co-morbidities.

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