Lyme Testimonials

Lyme Testimonials

“I am a successful media entertainment professional owning my own company in busy New York City. I do set ups and props for television, movies, and commercials. I became very ill with debilitating fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and glands, sleep disturbance, pain in joints, fever, night sweats and chills. I was later diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

After not having any success with the 4 week of doxycycline antibiotic, I started seeing a Lyme Doctor specialist considered to be one of the best in New York, who I saw for close to two years. I was frustrated with little progress, still having the above sypmtoms with little relief and spending a lot of money with little reserves.

My mother told me about VIP IMED Center and she would pay for treatments when I came to Virginia for Thanksgiving. I was amazed within 3 treatments, most of my symptoms resolved and I could return to being a professional. I came back in December for the holidays and received two more treatments. My symptoms completely resolved and I did not need any more treatments. I am truly grateful to VIP IMED.”

– Elizabeth Jones, New York City

“After 5 years of unsatisfactory and painful treatments for Lyme disease, including long term oral and IV antibiotics costing $93,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses, I was finally relieved of all misery after being treated at VIP IMED Center.

It was hard to believe after walking on a cane, then being bedridden for one year and being white as a ghost with illness, that I was rid of the Lyme disease and healthy again. I had an immediate response from my body with the VIP IMED treatments. Within a few weeks, I called my husbank in tears at work, to tell him I had been able to reach for something on the floor without ‘climbing’ the furniture for a very long time to stand up. I just stood up in a minute. I had not been able to do that for 3 years.

I was able to return to a favorite hobby of gardening. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, at last! Each treatment after that, gave me new evidence that this treatment was going to make me well, and it did. In 18 months, I was Lyme free and feeling great! It was like a migraine. You did not realize how bad things had become until the pain and immobility was gone. I strongly recommend anyone with Lyme to go to VIP IMED Center to see Dr. Defrawy for kindness and cure rather than wasting time and money and living with this painful disease they call Lyme.”

– Kathy Oakley, Fredericksburg, VA

“I was ill for years with debilitating joint and muscle pain, headaches, chills, extreme fatigue, night sweats, numbness and tingling in extremities, poor memory. Doctors misdiagnosed me. When I finally did get a diagnosis, no treatment worked. I tried many antibiotics and natural treatments. I was essentially bedridden by the time I got to VIP IMED Center.

After 3 treatments, I was amazed how better I felt. After 2 months, I was back to health. I could walk 5 miles with my dog. My health and stamina was back. I started working again. It is great to have a life again. Go to VIP IMED to treat your Lyme and you will not regret it.”

– Alice Bordeau, Springfield, VA

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